Dot Painting Equipment & Tutorials

Through my many years of experience in dot painting, I have learned to appreciate more and more good equipment. You put so many hours of work into the little works of art, it's a shame when it fails just because you didn't use the right tool or the right color. With my shop I would like to accompany you on your creative journey and give you the right material to hand so that your ideas become beautiful mandalas and creations! Have fun dotting!
Your Heidrun

Relaxed dot painting by Heidedots

  • 1. The right blank

    For your dot painting project, you must first select the appropriate blank. This can be made of wood, concrete, plaster or stone. It is important that the surface is not too rough so that the paint does not "bleed" and you get clear dots.

    Here are the blanks 
  • 2. The right tools

    To apply your dots, you need good dot painting tools in different sizes. The difference between the tools is on the one hand how they fit in the hand and on the other hand the different tips enable different dot techniques.

    Here are the tools 
  • 3. The right colors

    When doing dot painting, you should use high-quality acrylic paints, as they are suitable for many different surfaces. You pay attention to a liquid consistency so that you get the perfect dots. With metallic and glitter you can set great highlights.

    Here are the colors