About me

Hi, I'm Heidrun!

Even if the name suggests it: I am not a heavenly goat from the Edda saga. Instead, I come from northern Germany, more precisely from Hanerau-Hademarschen (everyone knows it, right?). After 22 years of fresh northern air, I ended up in the next metropolis: Schwäbisch Hall in Hohenlohe. I live there with my husband, our dog, a pack of cats and a small flock of chickens and quail on our farm. From 2023 I will also set up a cozy workshop room and a few products to browse in a former Waaghäusle.

Portrait Heidrun Gerl - Heidedots

Photo courtesy of www.fotopixelkunst.de

My creative background:

  • Painted and drawn since I can remember
  • Started crocheting, embroidery and knitting in elementary school and has continued to this day
  • At the age of 12 watercolor courses at the VHS
  • Training as a dental technician and thus tooth modelling
  • Inspired by this, many figures were modeled in wax and partially cast in metal
  • From 2002 various airbrush courses at the VHS
  • 2006 Purchase of the farm and first a lot of renovation, gardening and 2009 opening of the Hohenlohe chicken hotel
  • A lot of DIY during this time: baking, preserving, growing vegetables, keeping animals ... a small basis for self-sufficiency.
  • Discovered dot painting for me in 2018 and took part in various online courses.
  • 2019 Business registration for Heidedots - Dot Painting Art
  • Since then, various workshops have been held and, above all, commissioned work has been carried out
  • 2022 Takeover of the online shop Joy Color Art
  • 2023 In planning: Opening of the Joy Color Art house for workshops and on-site shopping related to dot painting



my motto

When life puts stones in your way, paint them brightly !


Your Heidrun